General terms and conditions for translators' and interpreters' commissions

1. Area of application

These commission conditions relate to commissions between ASPRA and a principal provided that no other conditions have been explicitly agreed upon or are indispensably required by law.

2. Extent of the translators'/interpreters' commissions

The translator's or interpreter's service will thoroughly be performed according to the principles of proper professional practice. The principal will receive the translation or interpreting service contractually agreed upon. Commissions must, in principle, be in writing. Commissions may be given orally only in exceptional cases.

3. Principal's obligation to co-operate and to give information

3.1 Our offers are without obligation, provided that nothing else has been explicitly agreed upon in writing. The price offered is always a net price; it does not include the legally prescribed value-added tax. The principal must inform ASPRA in good time on particular demands concerning the way the translation or the interpreting service will be performed. (for instance translation on data media, number of copies, readiness for publication, translation layout, etc.).
3.2 The principal must provide ASPRA in good time and without having been asked with information and documents that will be required for performing the translation or for preparing the interpreting service (for instance, glossaries used by the principal, brochures, figures, drawings, tables, contract documents, abbreviations, particular spelling of names of persons or of technical terms, speeches to be made, etc.). Neither ASPRA nor the translator or interpreter commissioned by ASPRA will be liable for mistakes which arise from the non-observance of these obligations.

4. Basis of calculation for translation services

4.1 Translation services are, in principal, be calculated on the basis of standard lines. A standard line consists of 55 strokes. The number of strokes contained in the target language text is counted and divided by 55. The result will then be rounded up to full lines. In case of individual terms (legend, glossary), two terms are considered as one line. The price per line depends on the respective target language and the degree of difficulty of the original text.
4.2 In estimates of costs and fixed price offers, a text of a medium degree of difficulty is assumed – without precise knowledge of the text to be translated. In this case, the lines of the original text will be counted and multiplied by a languagespecific factor, which has been established on the basis of practical experience.
4.3 For express commissions, which must be performed outside the usual working hours (night, weekend and bank holiday work) in order to meet the delivery deadline, a supplement of 20 – 100 % of the net remuneration will be invoiced. The amount supplemented will be agreed upon with the principal before the translation will be performed.
4.4 Translation works and similar services (clerical, correction, layout, editing works and suchlike) that cannot be measured in lines, will be invoiced on the basis of the expenditure of time. Upon demand of the principal, a working hours proof will be furnished with the invoice.
4.5 If a price per page is agreed upon as basis of calculation, the calculation will be made on the basis of the standard page according to DIN (25 document lines with 55 strokes each). Standard pages containing more than 19 document lines are considered as a complete page.
4.6 For minor commissions, where a price per line will not cover the actual effort, a minimum fee of € 20,-- will be invoiced.
4.7 Expenses for special wishes such as express delivery, delivery on disc or additional print-outs of the translation will be invoiced. Also subject to this additional invoicing are layout, typesetting and copy services and diverse other services performed by ASPRA that are necessary or required by the customer.
4.8 After completion, the translation will be sent to the principal on the way agreed upon (mail, courier, fax, e-Mail). The principal will bear the risk of shipment. If possible, a mail or courier item lost will be replaced. In this respect, however, a legal claim does not exist. In these cases, the principal can, in particular, not assert any damage claims for documents that have been lost or due to the non-observation of a delivery deadline agreed upon.

5. Basis of calculation for interpreting services

Interpreting services are calculated on the basis of the time of deployment (time of deployment = time of interpreting service + travel time + possible waiting time) plus the kilometres driven or the travel expenses actually incurred (for instance, bus / train). In this respect, each hour started is calculated as a complete hour. When a flat-rate price per day is agreed upon for the interpreter's deployment, necessary ancillary costs (for instance, travel expenses) will be invoiced additionally.

6. Removal of defects

6.1 ASPRA reserves the right to remove defects. The principal has the right to claim the removal of defects possibly contained in translations. Any notifications of defects due to the quality of the translation must be made within four weeks after delivery (posting) of the translation. The principal must describe and prove defects sufficiently in writing.
6.2 If the subsequent improvement or a replacement delivery have not been satisfactory twice, the legal warranty claims will be applicable provided that no other agreement has been made.
6.3 If the principal does, for any reason, not want a subsequent improvement to be made, he is not entitled to reduce the remuneration invoiced at his own discretion or to refuse its payment. In these cases, rescissions and damages on the part of the principal will be excluded.

7. Cancellation

F7.1. If the principal withdraws a translation commission already given, the principal must bear the costs incurred until the time of cancellation, and the work already performed must be accepted and paid.
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